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Inspiring programs that get learners ready to take action

Rbean programs are designed following a Learning Experience Design approach.

This approach serves two purposes: optimal job-readiness, and a fulfilling learning experience.

This will encourage learners to organically spread the gospel about your training center.


Real-life projects that demonstrate the skills developed and help land interviews.

Hard skills

Transferable skills to ensure successful integration into the job market.

Soft skills

A curriculum that explicitly develops the soft skills needed in the business world.

Learning how to learn

A focus on developing metacognition, for a more evolutive career (and life).


Programs are designed in a way that develops a collaborative mindset and a supportive community.

Easy to deploy

All content is ready to use on our platform. All you have to do is schedule your sessions.


We adapt the training content to your context, your audience and your needs.


You can be fully focused on your learners: our platform automates all background tasks.

Close support

Our experts are available to your trainers on an ongoing basis. And the first year, 1 hour of bi-monthly coaching is included.

White labeling

You can use our platform as a white label. Use your colors and reinforce your brand.

You take care of your learners
We take care of you

This process of pedagogical innovation is first and foremost yours.

Our programs and platform are tailored to you, for a training program that fits you like a glove.

Our team is here to help you own the process, as simply as possible.

Stéphanie Durr

Rbean accompanied us throughout our training courses, from ideation to iteration. They put a lot of effort into our partnership, on a pedagogical as well as human level. They are passionate, adapt easily to different contexts and needs, and above all they like to pass on their knowledge, which allowed us to learn a lot.

Grégoire Odou
Director of Operations
INCO Academy

Rbean has a very high standard of pedagogical innovation. They challenged us a lot, and, in the end, allowed us to create courses accessible to very different audiences.

Jimmy Zamani
INCO Academy Australia

Rbean taught me a lot during our time collaborating. They not only crafted a very engaging course but, worked closely to facilitate changes to regionalise some of the content. During my time working with them, I learned many invaluable lessons on how to be a better instructor and how to keep learners engaged via online learning platforms.

Urszula Kupraszewicz
INCO Academy Poland

All materials, consultations and feedback processes were super, it helped a lot. I’m impressed by the devotion, knowledge and attitude of Rbean, one of the best I've seen in my career.

Programs tailored to your needs

We have developed a bank of resources, exercises, workshops and projects, which we adapt to your training project.
We are able to offer already established programs (see below), but also to create specific training programs on demand.

We develop training programs in the following areas: programming and software development, data, digital marketing, UX design.

Introduction to programming
  • icon clock 1 month (full time)
  • icon target Beginner

Know how to use the basic concepts of programming and be able to code simple programs independently.

Programming Initiation
  • icon clock 1 month (part time)
  • icon target Complete Beginner

Unpack the basic concepts of programming in preparation for further learning.

Data Analysis and Engineering
  • icon clock 3 months (full time)
  • icon target With prior coding experience

Be able to use statistical and machine learning tools to analyze data. Master the whole production chain of a data project, from data collection to reporting. Explain and defend the business value of a data project.

Full-Stack Web Development
  • icon clock 10 months (full time)
  • icon target Beginner

Master the basics of programming. Be able to code professional applications with a micro-framework and an MVC framework. Become a self-directed learner.

Front-End Web Development
  • icon clock 10 months (full time)
  • icon target Beginner

Master the basics of programming. Be able to design and develop web interfaces in accordance with good practices. Become a self-directed learner.

Powered by a platform dedicated to active learning

We wanted a platform that supports pedagogy and helps learners become self-directed, so we created it.

For programming courses, the platform goes even further: learners can code directly on the platform, and automatic corrections guarantee quick feedback.

Discover the platform
Lorcan Blake
INCO Academy Ireland

I thought the switch to online learning might affect the effectiveness of the bootcamp, but to my mind it stayed as effective. To see people who were not confident and they didn’t think they could do it, but by the end they think they can take anything on... To see that over and over again, to see how consistent that effect is - it’s been heartening.

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