Deliver transformative tech programs

Our experts build learning programs tailored to your needs. The programs are holistic - they grow both technical and soft skills - to help you change your students' lives.


Students ship real work.


Students build industry-grade portfolios.

Whole student

Personal development is woven into the programs.

Learning Communities

Programs especially build up community spirit.

Continuous Support

Rbean provides support to schools and instructors.

Cost Effective

State-of-the-art, always up-to-date, but affordable.

Greater student outcomes

Our programs stem from 10 years of experience working in software engineering schools, combined with our pedagogy expertise. They are rigorous yet accessible. They challenge and engage learners with real-world projects & technologies, while also developing the habits and mindset for a purposeful career.

We are currently able to offer courses in:

  • Software engineering
  • Digital marketing
  • UX design

Tailored to your project

There's no one-size-fits-all in education. Depending on your context, your learners, your brand, or your local market, you will not have the same needs as another school.

A partnership, therefore, starts with instructional design. We analyze your needs in order to build a program that meets your school objectives.

To help you build a strong brand, our learning platform can be used as a white label.

Out of the box, resilient programs

All of our programs' activities, workshops, and projects are thoroughly documented. This helps you onboard new instructors easily.

Because of the way programs are designed -with minimum lectures and maximum learner participation- they work well in face-to-face, hybrid or remote environments. No matter the crisis that hits next, you'll be ready.

Easily deploy programs

Programs are delivered through our proprietary learning platform, which we developed to implement our pedagogical principles. All the grunt work is automated to let you go all-in on what matters most: helping every learner reach their full potential.

For software engineering programs we have developed an automatic correction engine that ensures rapid feedback is always available to learners.

Support mentors to support learners

With modern pedagogies, the instructor's role becomes to guide learners, help them regulate their learning, and feedback their work. Being a mentor is not easy; it takes courage, humility, and support.

The platform contains tools to facilitate mentoring, and we also propose train the trainers workshops for your team.

Coaching sessions are also available to support continuous professional development.

Pay what you use

Our programs are licensed per active learner/month. The risks for you are low, as the only upfront investment is the initial needs analysis done by our instructional designers.
We bear the cost of developing and continuously updating course materials, and of maintaining the learning platform.

It's like Spotify, but for innovative learning programs.

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We build custom programs tailored to your needs.

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