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Intek founders and students

Learn and growing, together

We are a team of experts in technology and pedagogy.

Passionate about the learning experience - what it means to become a self-directed practitioner in a given community -, we share our tools and experience with those building tomorrow's education.

Our story


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Practical tips to make the remote class come alive

Lorcan Blake, who leads an online bootcamp with an 80% completion rate, shares his approach. Get tips straight from the field!

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How to teach soft skills

To teach soft skills, you must first understand their true nature. Instructional design follows naturally.

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How to build a culture of feedback in the classroom

Few tools can affect student experience like peer feedback does. Used well, it promotes agency and a growth mindset that’ll transform student outlook on learning - all within a supportive community. Here I’ll share practical steps to build a culture of feedback.

Some ❤️

Stéphanie Durr
Tech training manager

Rbean accompanied us throughout our training courses, from ideation to iteration. They put a lot of effort into our partnership, on a pedagogical as well as human level. They are passionate, adapt easily to different contexts and needs, and above all they like to pass on their knowledge, which allowed us to learn a lot.

Grégoire Odou
Director of Operations
INCO Academy

Rbean has a very high standard of pedagogical innovation. They challenged us a lot, and, in the end, allowed us to create courses accessible to very different audiences.

Jimmy Zamani
INCO Academy Australia

Rbean taught me a lot during our time collaborating. They not only crafted a very engaging course but, worked closely to facilitate changes to regionalise some of the content. During my time working with them, I learned many invaluable lessons on how to be a better instructor and how to keep learners engaged via online learning platforms.

Jeffrey Sampson
Chief Talent Officer
Forward College

Rbean worked with us to develop a digital curriculum for higher education students and they were consummate professionals. They are extremely knowledgable and experienced at design and have very strong instincts about learning effectiveness and application. They also provided helpful information and updates which allowed me as their client to make informed decisions about how to proceed. This was critical to our process.

Urszula Kupraszewicz
INCO Academy Poland

All materials, consultations and feedback processes were super, it helped a lot. I’m impressed by the devotion, knowledge and attitude of Rbean, one of the best I've seen in my career.

Lorcan Blake
INCO Academy Ireland

I thought the switch to online learning might affect the effectiveness of the bootcamp, but to my mind it stayed as effective. To see people who were not confident and they didn’t think they could do it, but by the end they think they can take anything on... To see that over and over again, to see how consistent that effect is - it’s been heartening.

Amine Benhenni
Data Science Expert

We worked together with Rbean on a demanding and ambitious 3-month training for which we have finely calibrated the content, the processes, the formats to adapt to various profiles and to have optimal skill development. They are very attentive to all the details that make a course successful, invest themselves fully in the subjects taught, and stay up to date with the latest methods in their area of expertise.

A new kind of LMS to power active learning

  • Efficiently implement the practice - feedback - reflection cycle.
  • Easily follow student activity and skill development.
  • Promote student agency and help students learn how to learn.
  • Ideal for project-based learning and competency-based learning.
Discover our active learning LMS
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Run your own transformative tech courses

  • We design for you courses that engage the whole student and develop both their hard & soft skills.
  • Those courses are tailored to your local tech market, to actually get students job-ready.
  • The programs are available under cost-effective licences. They are well-packaged and easy to deploy, so you can get started today.
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Take the guesswork out of pedagogical innovation

  • Optimise your training programs and augment your impact on student learning.
  • Give your teaching staff the coaching they need to take ownership of active learning methods.
  • Differentiate yourself on your market with inspiring and innovative programs.
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7000+ learners
graduated from a course designed by Rbean
83% positives outcomes
3 months after graduation


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