A platform optimised for project-based learning

Easily organise teams, set up reviews and self-reflections, and monitor skill acquisition.
Rbean is there every step of the project life.

Why do projects with students?

Project-based learning prepares learners for the real world by working on authentic tasks.

Projects allow them to apply their skills and learn from their mistakes in situ. They can then transfer their knowledge to the professional world more readily.

An immersive, integrated, empowering experience - projects are a strong way to support engagement and to help students become pros.

illustration project plan

How to implement project-based learning without piling up tools?

Unlike other platforms, Rbean doesn’t aim to be a content deliverer.

Right from the start, Rbean was designed to facilitate the project process and to follow the development of skills.


A flexible feedback engine

Feedback allows learners to situate themselves in relation to project objectives.

Rbean adapts to any feedback strategy, without you having to compromise. Feedback can be:

  • Question-based or free-form
  • During and/or after the project
  • Set up as many times as necessary
  • Set up as done by a mentor, a peer, the student themselves, a jury or an external referent
  • Synchronous or asynchronous


Follow skill development closely

Rbean offers two assessment strategies: point-based assessment and rubric-based assessment.

  • The point-based system awards points during reviews, according to a pre-defined assessment scale.
  • The rubric-based system allows the reviewer to attribute a level in given competencies, based on a detailed rubric.

The two systems are independent. They can be used simultaneously, or not at all.


Resources to support practice

On Rbean, resources are attached to the project and students "pull" them independently.

  • E-learning guides unlocked at the beginning of the project
  • A task board per team to get organized
  • Self-service quizzes to test oneself
  • A Q&A space to help each other
  • Debriefings unlocked at the end of the project
  • Flashcards for long-term memory gains

Most of the resources are created via our authoring tool, which allows you to integrate external resources, either directly (YouTube, Google Docs) or via iframes.

project ecosystem in Rbean


Easily manage your cohort

Organization and monitoring tools allow you to be the smooth conductor of your cohort.

  • Mentor dashboards at cohort, module and project-level
  • Access to submission history for each project
  • Intermediate submissions can be commented on by the mentor
  • Flexible ways to create project groups (by mentor, students, or random mode)

For technical training programs, Rbean offers an integrated Gitlab and an automatic correction engine.

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