A platform that facilitates peer learning

Rbean offers several tools to nurture your learning community.
Students can interact, support and feedback each other - right on the LMS.

Why leverage peer learning?

Peer-to-peer learning energizes your cohort.

  • Strong peer relationships support engagement and motivation
  • Cognitive gains: verbalizing and debating means refining one's representations
  • Learners break away from “teacher dependance" and become autonomous

Leveraging peer learning therefore means developing learners' skills, autonomy and confidence.


Building knowledge together
  • Students can share their notes and reflections - and discuss them with other students - via their Work Journal.
  • Peer reviews develop critical thinking skills and allow for in-depth discussion of projects.
  • You can make deliverables visible to the rest of the class, to open up students to each other's approaches.
work journal in Rbean


Facilitating mutual support

Each project has a Community space where students:

  • share their resources
  • ask questions
  • receive help from their peers
  • debate answers

They learn to rely on each other, without systematically relying on the “authority".


Producing work as a team

Group projects allow learners to build complex projects and develop their soft skills.

Rbean makes it easy to organize group projects:

  • Manual or automatic creation of groups
  • Team task board
  • Shared deliverable and feedback
activities in Rbean

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