We are a small team with a big vision.

Intek founders and students

Rbean founders with students & mentors at Intek - the school they co-founded in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam.

Rbean founders met in 2015, at French coding school 42. Mathieu as the pragmatic and creative architect of 42's LMS; Laurie as a driving member of the pedagogy team, fearlessly dedicated to students. Together, they gamified the 42 model.

While recognizing the benefits of the 42 model in supporting student creativity and confidence, they believed it was not the best way to train professionals with good work habits and ethics. They left 42 and, after months of traveling through Asia, joined a new school project in Vietnam.

With Laurie as Chief Academic Officer and Mathieu as Chief Technology Officer, they created a new school model that intertwines mentoring, peer learning, and a focus on soft skills. 34 students joined Intek the first year for an exciting learning journey.

After successfully setting up the project, they went back to France. Strong on their vision of providing all students with an inspiring learning experience, they decided to put their experience at the service of other educators. Thus was born Rbean.

Today, Rbean provides a learning platform that implements our pedagogical approach - that platform is available on its own. We hope that both our programs and platform will help educators turn students into confident lifelong learners.

I’ve never seen a community like this

Mathieu and Laurie brought an unforgettable experience to us. The way they inspired us was very special. Whenever I started a new project, I was really excited to explore new things and to share my findings with everyone else.

Our top priority was always to support each other, to get better together. I’ve never seen a community like this at school or work in Viet Nam.

- Trần Minh Đức, student at Intek

Trần Minh Đức


Laurie Mézard

Laurie Mézard linkedin-logo

Co-Founder & Pedagogy Specialist

Laurie has a mixed background in psychology (Paris 8 University) and software engineering (42). She likes to design & build systems that help others grow. She discovered her passion for education while working at 42 in Paris, and has never looked back since. For her, nothing tops watching students grow & succeed.

Catching her outside of work is not too difficult - granted you are willing to go for a long hike, to escape on a photography trip, or to stuff yourself with delicious street food.

Mathieu Mahé

Mathieu Mahé linkedin-logo

Co-Founder & Tech Specialist

Mathieu started his tech journey at EPITECH, the leading European school of software engineering. There he started his quest to build the perfect LMS - a quest that would lead him to build from scratch three different ones over several schools. Today he's up to his fourth one, having capitalized on ten years of trials & errors... needless to say, this guy knows how to build software that answers school needs.

When he's not busy thinking of the most elegant way to name his database tables, Mathieu can be seen traveling around the world or enjoying a good beer with friends.